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Re: touchpad on powerbook5,6

Le dimanche 12 juin 2005 à 06:02 +0200, Frank Arnold a écrit :
> Hi all,
> this is my first post here. I'm a fedora user (please forgive me) but
> for a powerpc user this seems the place to be here.
> I've also fiddled around with Johannes' trackpad driver the last two
> weeks. But I've concentrated more on pointer motion rather than adding
> features. I did not change the basic structure - this is more because
> it's my first try in C. 
> So here is what I have at the moment:
> http://www.scirocco-5v-turbo.de/download/appletrackpad--frank.tar.gz
> (no ChangeLog entry because I have no clue how to use baz or tla)
> Instructions are the same because only driver.c was modified:
> http://johannes.sipsolutions.net/PowerBook/touchpad/driver
> Fixes the following compared to patch-23:
> * is usable for a longer time (tested at least 24hrs w/o problems)
> * the pointer doesn't jiggle if finger stays in position or is located
> on one of the edges
> * overall motion of pointer is really smooth (from my point of view)
> * basic handling of too much finger (big or more than one -> no motion)

Hey, I looked at your changes and discovered that you did pretty much
the same thing as I did (a bit differently but the main algo is the
same), especially the left/right weightning part.

You did however implement smoothing directly in the driver while I
don't, and use the one already available in the synaptics driver.

The only problems remaining in my driver are related to the initial
warming of the touchpad (the first hour or so of use). The touchpad is
really unstable at that moment and needs a few resets until it reaches a
stable state. I suspect yours behaves the same...

> Still existing problems:
> * no tapping and scrolling
> * after sleep possibly a restart of userspace driver necessary

See my driver for the suspend/resume methods you need to add in the usb

> * as far as I see from Stelians driver: 17" model not supported

Fergot to say: I've added support for the 17" model using some
information kindly provided by Alex Harper (the developer of a well
known MacOS touchpad driver), but I don't have the hardware to test.
Even the USB id I've put in the driver for this model is fake.

Stelian Pop <stelian@popies.net>

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