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Re: touchpad on powerbook5,6

Stelian Pop wrote:
> I have been working for a while on an improved version of the touchpad
> driver, and is starting to work quite well now, so I guess it's time for
> some wider testing.
> I've put the new driver and a bit of documentation at:
> 	http://www.popies.net/atp/
> Feedback is welcomed.

I've given this a go on a 2.6.11 Gentoo system and it works well, alot
less "jittery" than Johannes development driver (understandably), but
it's also a bit jumpy, i.e. the movement isn't smooth like with a mouse
but kind of jumps like when you snap to a grid in graphics packages.
Note that I haven't restarted X yet because I'm in the middle of
something so I'm using the /dev/input/mice rather than the synaptics
driver, so this might be the cause of this?

I've also noticed that it sometimes picks up on a non-existant
double-tap when I'm typing (bad habit of tapping my thumb on the bit
between keyboard and trackpad!).  Just testing this out seems to suggest
that the trackpad picks up on pressing just around the edges of the case.

But, it certainly works and I'm almost ready to ditch my USB mouse (if I
can get smooth pointer movement).  Thanks.


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