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Re: touchpad on powerbook5,6

Hi all,

this is my first post here. I'm a fedora user (please forgive me) but
for a powerpc user this seems the place to be here.

I've also fiddled around with Johannes' trackpad driver the last two
weeks. But I've concentrated more on pointer motion rather than adding
features. I did not change the basic structure - this is more because
it's my first try in C. 

So here is what I have at the moment:
(no ChangeLog entry because I have no clue how to use baz or tla)

Instructions are the same because only driver.c was modified:

Fixes the following compared to patch-23:
* is usable for a longer time (tested at least 24hrs w/o problems)
* the pointer doesn't jiggle if finger stays in position or is located
on one of the edges
* overall motion of pointer is really smooth (from my point of view)
* basic handling of too much finger (big or more than one -> no motion)

Still existing problems:
* no tapping and scrolling
* after sleep possibly a restart of userspace driver necessary
* as far as I see from Stelians driver: 17" model not supported

Still a hack. But it works.


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