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Re: touchpad on powerbook5,6

Am Montag, den 13.06.2005, 11:07 +0200 schrieb Stelian Pop:
> The only problems remaining in my driver are related to the initial
> warming of the touchpad (the first hour or so of use). The touchpad is
> really unstable at that moment and needs a few resets until it reaches a
> stable state. I suspect yours behaves the same...

No, it works nice every time. This is because I still use Johannes'
accumulation approach and did what you do with "reset" dynamically:

1. Every time the accumulated signal drops below zero it's reseted to
zero immediately. 
2. Every time you take your finger away from the pad all values are
automatically zeroed. If at this time some of the sensors have not
reached their zero-point, they will drop below zero in the next cycles.
This is handled through 1.

With this we have dynamic recalibration.

> > Still existing problems:
> > * no tapping and scrolling
> > * after sleep possibly a restart of userspace driver necessary
> See my driver for the suspend/resume methods you need to add in the usb
> driver.

Yeah, saw this. But I think it has something to do with the split into
userspace/kernel module. Sometimes it works and sometimes not. Don't
tracked this down further and doubt I will because your kernel module
looks cleaner anyways... ;)

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