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Re: compilation errors on PB12" under heavy load

On Thu, Jun 09, 2005 at 12:42:27PM +0200, Julien Pervillé wrote:
> Le 9 juin 05, à 12:17, Francesco Ciocchetti a écrit :
> >have you a debian provided kernel?
> >I Use gentoo on my ibook so i don't know anything about debian, but i
> >suppose that the defaul ppc kernel shoud have preemptible disabled.
> This is correct, I experienced the stability problem when doing heavy 
> compilation on this ibook g4. The culprit was the preemptible kernel 
> option. I first suspected bad memory, but this laptop is working fine 
Working under OSX doesn't indicate good memory. I had severe problems
on my iBook G4 under linux and none under OSX. Apples hardware test
cd luckily revealed bad ram. According to benh this has to do with
the way linus and OSX use memory (see the list archive).
Anyway, this case seems to be different and turning CONFIG_PREEMPT 
could do it.


> with OSX. Recompiling without CONFIG_PREEMPT did the trick. This is a 
> known issue.
> If needed, I can send you my 2.6.11 kernel image and/or .config file.
> >As last resort you could ask a kernel to someone with a PB here on the
> >list, boot and then recompile your kernel.
> Julien

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