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Re: compilation errors on PB12" under heavy load

Le 9 juin 05, à 12:17, Francesco Ciocchetti a écrit :

have you a debian provided kernel?
I Use gentoo on my ibook so i don't know anything about debian, but i
suppose that the defaul ppc kernel shoud have preemptible disabled.

This is correct, I experienced the stability problem when doing heavy compilation on this ibook g4. The culprit was the preemptible kernel option. I first suspected bad memory, but this laptop is working fine with OSX. Recompiling without CONFIG_PREEMPT did the trick. This is a known issue.

If needed, I can send you my 2.6.11 kernel image and/or .config file.

As last resort you could ask a kernel to someone with a PB here on the
list, boot and then recompile your kernel.


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