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Re: Optimizing boot times

Yeah, what is it about exim4 that makes it hang there, sometimes taking as much as 3 minutes to start? Its really annoying.

Jack Malmostoso wrote:
Ciao Wee-Jin Goh, nel tuo messaggio dicevi:

What are they steps I need to take to cut this down? 
Though Sven and others don't suggest it (and I agree with them, even if I
use my own kernel), try recompiling your kernel with things builtin
instead of keeping them as modules. Remove unnecessary checks (hardware)
and cut services you don't really need all the time (bluez-utils and such).

What services can I
safely disable (exim4?)?
You can disable it, but one day you will need that mail sent by anacron
that says "make a backup, things are going to be bad soon".


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