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Re: d-i on a second hard drive in a G5

On Thu, Feb 03, 2005 at 10:13:17AM -0500, Pedro Sanchez wrote:
> 4. /target/etc/yaboot.config (as installed by the d-i):
> boot=/dev/sdb2
> device=/k2-sata@0/disk@0:

This last line seems odd. My G5 has only one disk and has a very
similar line for device. That makes me think that it isn't getting
the right OF path for /dev/sdb2. I would have expected the second
drive to be on the second sata channel. Without having a second
device on sata on my G5, I can't really test, but it seems worth
investigating for someone who knows the installer better.

Perhaps you can try changing "k2-sata@0" to "k2-sata@1" and see
if it can boot with that value.

	Brad Boyer

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