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Re: d-i fails on new PowerMac G5

On Tue, 2005-02-01 at 20:20 +0100, Moritz Armingeon wrote:
> Hello Pedro!
> On 13:58 Tue 01 Feb     , Pedro Sanchez wrote:
> > Unfortunately, upon reboot the system goes right into OS X. I'm new to
> > yaboot, how do I get a boot menu? 
> If yaboot is installed correct, try resetting the PRAM. Hold ALT+Apple-Key+P+R
> at boottime. I wasted hours until I figured that out...

This doesn't work for me. If I keep these keys pressed the machine keeps
cycling fan-ON/Fan-off, but I get nothing in the monitor. As soon as I
release the keys, it boots OS X :(

I found in
that I can press the "options" key to get a graphical boot menu. I do
get it, and I see two icons, one for OS X and another for Linux. I click
on the second one (or use the tab key), and then click a right arrow
which I interpret as "continue."

However, instead of booting Linux I get a text menu that says something

Press I for GNU/Linux
      x for OSX
      c for CDROM

Stage 1 boot:

But the keyboard seems dead at this point. I tried "I", "i", "1", and
neither works. This text menu only lasts a few seconds and then it puts
me back into the graphical boot menu :|

Just to test, if a select the first icon, OS X, and then click the right
arrow, I get a blank screen ... nothing else. I doesn't boot OS X.


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