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d-i on a second hard drive in a G5

For easier reference in the future I want to open a new thread on this
issue of my troubles installing Debian on a second hard drive.

Here are the symptoms:

1. No problem booting from CD.
2. No problem installing Debian on the second hard drive, sdb.
3. The installation process ejects the CD at the very end and asks me to
reboot the machine to continue with the installation.
4. The machine reboots right into OSX not giving me any chance to select
5. If I reboot with the "option" key pressed, I get a graphical boot
menu with OSX and Linux as options to choose.
6. I choose Linux, and get a text boot menu with the following options:
"l" for Linux, "x" for OSX, "c" for CD.
7. I enter "l" and what I get is the graphical menu again. This puts me
back into step 6. No exit out of this loop.
8. Entering "x" in the previous step boots OSX well. Entering "c" boots
from CD we.

After swapping the hard drives, sda is now Linux and sdb is OSX, I have
Debian running nicely now, X windows included. But I think I own to this
list, and to Debian in general, a better effort to find the source of my
original troubles installing the distro. So, I decided I will go back to
the original situation, first SATA drive with OSX as shipped by Apple,
second SATA drive with Linux. 

I will swap the hard drives again, and do the install process from
scratch. I will provide the yaboot.config file as installed by the d-i
and the partition tables of the two drives. Is there other information
you would like me to gather for you?


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