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Re: Powerbook produces a lot more heat after kernel upgrade

On Nov 30 2004, Richard Hult wrote:
> This is without running any frequency scaling at all (no powernod, 
> cpydyn, or cpufreqd), and also without spinning down the hard drive. 

Would anybody provide a short description of which one of these frequency
scaling packages (powernowd, cpudyn, cpufreqd) is "better"?

I find it confusing to have them all in Debian. Their descriptions don't
always help much discerning which one is better for the job (apart from
powernowd's description saying that it is simpler than cpufreqd and

Also, which one integrates better with laptop-mode? I'm thinking of using
laptop-mode even for my i386 Desktop (since I can't stand the noise of its

Thanks for sharing any experiences, Rogério Brito.

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