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Re: Powerbook produces a lot more heat after kernel upgrade


Today I compiled the 2.6.9 stock kernel + Ben's suspend
patch. However I am experiencing a lot of extra heet production as
opposed to the kernel. I have locked my cpu at the lowest
frequency (it is fast enough), and with the the fan was
almost always off except with excessive loads. But while using
the 2.9.6 the fans have to cool down my albook a lot more.

I haven't made any significant change to my kernel config. I have
a PowerBook5,4 running at 1,33 MHz (well 666 MHz actually).

I can confirm this on my PowerBook 5,4 1.5GHz. Although the temperature rise happened when upgrading from the debian kernel package for 2.6.7 to 2.6.8. The idle temperature goes up ~4 degrees celcius, just by booting with 2.6.8 or later instead of 2.6.7. A friend with the same model is also experiencing this.

Any ideas?


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