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which kernel source to get for 2.6.5? [was Re: X problem ibook 2.2]

After discussing uninorth/agp problems on the 2.4 series kernels, Sven

On 17/04/04, Sven Luther (sven.luther@wanadoo.fr) wrote:
> That said the 2.6.5 kernel we are preparing has a nicely working DRI on
> my ibook G3, so probably the sane solution would be to go with a 2.6
> kernel by default on ppc, i am sure you and benh, and others would much
> prefer that :)

I'd like to compile a 2.6.5 kernel suitable for the 800Mhz G3 iBook that
started this thread(!). I'd be grateful to know where I should get
reasonably stable 2.6.5 sources with patches suitable for this machine?

Rory Campbell-Lange 

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