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Re: Recent PPC Reiser support & Reiser strategy

"Jean-Francois Landry" <jflandry@atou.qc.ca> writes:

> Guess it boils down to: It Works For Me(tm), It Doesn't For You(tm).
> Since this thread seems to be going nowhere, I'll just advice everyone
> on the list to stress test their environment before storing important
> data on (possibly horribly b0rken) storage subsystems/filesystems.

I still use Reiser and I've had one issue that makes me want to
switch. That was reading Jeff Mahoney's porting page a month or so ago
in which he had discovered that he introduced a bug in his endianess
patch that made Reiser scatter what should have been contiguous blocks
randomly across the disk. 

Reiser on PPC/big-endian is just not very heavily tested.


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