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Re: Supported models


>> This to help newbies/potentials who are interested in Debian and are
>> looking for information about their model. I think it would be the wrong
>> way to just point them to the install-manual (which of course is great, and
>> does also have to have up-to-date model information), so model related info
>> about support or known problems could be pooled and linked directly from
>> the ports main page. Just like the way its done now, but distro
>> independent.
>> This would ease the evaluation process of potentials a lot.
> anyone who wants to properly maintain such a document should contact
> me about getting an account on penguinppc.org.  (Chris?)
> as for getting a link on the ports page, i suppose you have to talk to
> debian-www about that, getting debian pages updated seems to have been
> a somewhat slow process at the very least,

No possibility to speed up the process?

> which is one major reason
> why i don't think we should bother trying to keep such a hardware list
> there. besides the fact that a distro indepenent one is probably
> possible and would make more sense.

Maybe I did not not correctly explain myself, but I meant a list corresponding
to the debian releases (potato, woody, future releases) in the first place,
sitting on the debian ports page, although
it would also be nice to have a complete overview over models an supported
distros (with which I do not only mean debian), which of course should be
hosted by penguinppc as a distro independent area.

But maintaining a distro overview list may be a bigger work, because there
have to come together a lot of people who have testet this and this and this
distro on this and this and this ppc hardware.

Best regards,

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