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Re: Recent PPC Reiser support & Reiser strategy

On Wed, Oct 31, 2001 at 05:07:49PM +0000, Rory Campbell-Lange wrote:
> Sorry for flooding the list this week. I've taken the week off from work
> to do some databasing and to try and get Debian running on my Lombard.
> Sad, isn't it!
> I came across ppckernel.org and noted that the latest build of Debian's
> 2.4 kernel for PPC is 2.4.13-pre1, which is a modified version of the
> main BK (BitKeeper) tree. Is this a recommended version to use for
> Reiser, or should I use a stable BenH kernel?
> Are there issues with making Reiser filesystems on Debian PPC? It would
> be useful to have /var, /tmp and /home on Reiser to help recover from
> those battery power outages!


If you carefully study the FAQ on www.namesys.com, you'll see that
Reiserfs has only been tested on x86 and Alpha. So there are quite
probably a number of endianess issues at the least with the code.

So, in short, nobody at namesys has even *compiled* the code on PowerPC
yet. Use at your own risk...

On the other hand, XFS has been ported over to PowerPC and should be
stable by now. Oh, and ext3 might work also (haven't checked).

Hope this helps,
	Jean-Francois Landry
<xtifr> you don't have to be insane to work here....oh wait, yes you do!

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