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Re: new installation - Next step !

copy the root.bin file from the CD to somewhere on your hard disk,
and specify that to BootX as the ramfs.  make sure your CD is in the
drive and you should be able to proceed from there.


Bruno Waes wrote:
> ok, i guess we are at a next level, i got BootX working (needed version 5.5
> of stuffit expander that works with my macos 7.5.3)
> with the vmlinux image i got from the cd, that i placed in the bootx kernels
> directory, and giving kernel options
> video=atyfb:vmode:5,cmode:8
> i saw for the first time on this machine a linux console window (complete
> with tux icon) and dmesg scrolling ...
> it kernel panics because it cant mount the root fs
> now, what do i need to put as root device ... ?
> a quick summary:
>     i have a 4400 machine (tanzania) with now macos 7.5.3 on it
>     i want to use it as a (headless) firewall/gateway box
>     it has a 1.2 gb hd, that i want to use completely, if possible, for
> linux
>     booting from the debian cd doesnt seem to work on this box
> i know the easiest would be to to have a small macos partition with bootx on
> it, but i dont have the disk tools to defragment and shrink the mac
> partition.
> but i still dont get it how i can boot an installation system with bootx ?
> can bootx start my installation from cdrom ?
> bruno
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