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Re: new installation - Next step !

ok, i guess we are at a next level, i got BootX working (needed version 5.5
of stuffit expander that works with my macos 7.5.3)

with the vmlinux image i got from the cd, that i placed in the bootx kernels
directory, and giving kernel options

i saw for the first time on this machine a linux console window (complete
with tux icon) and dmesg scrolling ...
it kernel panics because it cant mount the root fs

now, what do i need to put as root device ... ?

a quick summary:
    i have a 4400 machine (tanzania) with now macos 7.5.3 on it
    i want to use it as a (headless) firewall/gateway box
    it has a 1.2 gb hd, that i want to use completely, if possible, for
    booting from the debian cd doesnt seem to work on this box

i know the easiest would be to to have a small macos partition with bootx on
it, but i dont have the disk tools to defragment and shrink the mac

but i still dont get it how i can boot an installation system with bootx ?

can bootx start my installation from cdrom ?


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