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Re: Booting to floppy

Adam C Powell IV wrote:
> Ethan Benson wrote:
> > well frankly you need to know the fscking network numbers before going
> > to setup a computer on the network, if you don't know what your
> > network numbers are that can hardly be blamed on debian.  dammit Jim
> > im an installer not a psychic!
> :-)
> > and you can redo the `setup the network' step as many times as you
> > want before rebooting the box, and console 2 is there so you can do a
> > quick test (i think ping is there).
> But apt starts after the reboot, so you can't just redo that step when apt
> fails.  And you have to know about console 2, and remember that it's
> sometimes good to check things before rebooting...
> Okay, a workaround: insert a "Test the network configuration" step, you give
> it an address to ping and it gives back x/10 successes (or something like
> that).  Problem solved?
> The real question of course is: how easy should the install process be?

The answer is another question, how wide spread do we want the use
of Debian to be?  In FreeBSD, it works quite well, and there is no
reason it can't work this way on Debian: you enter your network
settings, it goes off and tries to get the packages, it fails to
connect, and puts you back at the screen where you enter your
network settings, allowing you to change them and try again.  Not
that difficult, is it?  Perhaps for sid?


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