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Re: new installation

On Mon, Apr 09, 2001 at 11:55:06AM +0200, Bruno Waes wrote:
> i really need to install linux on the box (the macos 7.5.3 that is on there
> now can go) i have to be able to reboot the box remotely so it has to boot
> directly into linux, how can i do this on this powerpc ? i read about OF
> (and i think it is a bit like openboot on sparc) but how do i access it and
> where can i find a list of commands ?

 I've got my system booting to Linux with BootX.  I've got the bootx
extension in my macos system folder, and I saved the default bootx settings
with my Linux kernel selected.  To completely get rid of macos, I guess you
have to install quik.  I haven't got it working yet.

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