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Re: X on a Bull Estrella

Le 04/10/2000 à 11:23, Kaz Aoshima écrivait:
> >
> >I've seen a thread on the archives that tell to build the
> >framebuffer : clgen. I don't find how to compile it.
> >The video drivers are present in the kernel tree, but there
> >is no options to select him in "make config"
> >My kernel is a 2.2.17 patch with kernel-patch-2.2.17-powerpc.
> clgenfb is out of support PowerPC now?

The source is present in the kernel archive, but there is no way to integrate
in the compilation.

I've tried a 2.4.0 kernel. clgenfb is present and the config tool allow
to select it. But the kernel fail to compile :(

> Xbh(X for BlackHawk) is the Xserver for you.
> You can get it from some linuxppc.org mirrors, and install the RPM
> with "alien".
> And it is better for Xbh to upgrade VRAM on board socket to use.

Xbh crash on a Debian potato.

I will try to install the Xfree4.0 packages to solve my problems.

Thanks for your help.

Xavier SAINT-JALMES                     Brest / FRANCE
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