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Re: report on iMacDV/iBook SE (was Re: Installing Debian on an Imac DV)

On Wed, Oct 04, 2000 at 03:43:43PM +0200, Michel Dänzer wrote:
> Hadess wrote:
> > > > What do the Debian XFree packages include ?
> > >
> > > XFree86 CVS from sometime after 4.0.1c + PPC patches from Ani Joshi's
> > > rsync tree.
> > 
> > Good enough for DRI ?
> No. To be exact, the 2D driver should be good, but you need the libGL stuff
> from DRI. I guess I'll put all that in a seperate tarball for my next test
> binaries.
> Hint for the X packagers: the DRI stuff should be really easy to integrate
> now. Just a few things down xc/lib/GL/mesa and in the r128 2D driver directory
> have changed. But I don't know if there's already a plan how to package the
> DRI stuff?

I'm sorry, I need some more specific instructions than this.

* XFree86 periodically takes snapshots of the Mesa CVS tree for inclusion
  in the XFree86 sources (xc/extras/Mesa)
* I periodically generate packages from XFree86 CVS (if they build and work
  on my boxen)

Given those facts, what would you like me to do, specifically?  It seems
too complicated to me to track Mesa sources in my XFree86 packages
independently of what XFree86 itself is doing.

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