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Re: report on iMacDV/iBook SE (was Re: Installing Debian on an Imac DV)

Quoting Michel Dänzer <daenzerm@student.ethz.ch>:

> Hadess wrote:
> > I still have to test XF4 on these 2 machines. Does the ati128 driver
> > recognize the Rage 128 Mobility ?
> The latest CVS probably does, but it doesn't work nevertheless because
> it
> can't cope with the flat panel :(
> In the DRI PPC branch I have added an option "DisableFP" to surpass this
> issue, so that might work (only at the full panel resolution though),
> including 3d acceleration :)

What do the Debian XFree packages include ?
If I understand well, I could get:
    X Strike-force deb packages
  + kernel patches from DRI/PPC
  + CVS ati128 driver from DRI/PPC
and it should (would...) work, or not ? I'm a bit confused with all these 
different places I can get X from.

Also, could you make a snapshot (sources) available ? I don't have ways to 
access CVS (f/w).


PS: When done, I ask John Carmack for Quake3 on PPC/Linux ;P


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