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Re: Why yaboot is NOT for oldworld macs, Oldworld owners please read! (was Re: StarMax and yaboot...)

On Wed, Jun 07, 2000 at 04:53:31PM +0200, Olaf Hering wrote:
> Ok, I really like to know what MacOS Versions remove that blessing, or
> what ever is the trigger. No Problems here so far. Can you forward such
> stufff to me?

all versions of macos since 7.5. (that is all we ever worked with) as
for what causes it we don't know, the developer (at the company i work
for) tried to reverse engineer what it was that does this and could
not find out what.  this problem is also totally random, sometimes it
occures constantly other times not, same OS version and all.

> Yes, 4MB. But if that is the real solution.

it seems to be working fairly well, you must update the finder every
time the real macos finder is updated though.   and you cannot remove
anything from it, not icons anything.

> The Sytem contains already some stuff to make the ROM happy. Maybe the
> Finder need some ressources.

yes, all of them.

> A soltion might be to place everyting in the toplevel directory, System,
> Finder, vmlinux, miboot.conf.

it makes no difference, keeping everything on the toplevel will let
ybin support it better though.  

the best option is simply forbidding macos from touching the
partition, and the only way to do that is using the Apple_Bootstrap
partition type.   but of course you cannot do that for miboot, only

Ethan Benson

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