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Re: Why yaboot is NOT for oldworld macs, Oldworld owners please read! (was Re: StarMax and yaboot...)

On Wed, Jun 07, Ethan Benson wrote:

> > > SuSE wrote an extremely obfuscated shell script to try and figure this out,
> > 
> > Cool!  And SuSE's a good company that releases things like this as OSS/DFSG compliant,
> > right?  Where can I get it and test it on my machine?  (Nothing obvioous on the web
> yes they are a well behaved Free software company AFAICS, BenH also
> tells me that the obfuscated shell script is obsolete and they are
> working on a more sane solution, probably involving kernel changes (to
> add something useful to the /proc mess (why don't we have a /kern
> instead? then leave /proc to *gasp* processes!)  and a new userland
> utility (i guess).  (Ben just got some tidbits off irc, not much detail)

I can't solve that /proc /kern thing, its a topic for l-k.

But we will have an entry in /proc that contains the path. I will start
talking to the PCI guys this week.
First it has to work with newworld machines. Then we will include the
oldworld stuff. But not with OF path names, I would give setpramboot a
try. looks good so far, but it is limited.
I will refuse any discussion about quik on oldworld machines. As you
wrote in a mail in this tread OF is supposed to load the System file and
it is broken and brain dead. Yes, that all is true.
We will place a System file somewhere and OF/Appl,ROM will find and load
it. Everytime. On a dualboot machine or on a Linux only machine.
In fact, it is MiBoot from the BootX Distribution.

> > site, and the support database search gives nothing for "quik" or "open firmware".)  Is
> > it part of the quik rpm?  There's one in:
> > http://download.sourceforge.net/pub/mirrors/suse/suse/ppc/update/BETA/
> that is probably it, i still have it around i think, i looked at there
> misguided suseboot thing once, and found it there.  

The support database is nearly empty, for the outside world. I have some
entries in german, these will be translated and be available next week.

Try the same location in a few hours, there will be a
generate_os_chooser.sh file. It is based on show_of_path.sh. I removed
the sed call to strip the @f2000.. stuff. This should work for Ethan
now. If not, just send me the temp-os-chooser file along with a copy of
the output from suse_hw_info.sh.

Call it with
generate_os_chooser linuxbootpartition macospartition bootfolder

Gruss Olaf

 $ man clone

       Main feature not yet implemented...

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