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Re: Why yaboot is NOT for oldworld macs, Oldworld owners please read! (was Re: StarMax and yaboot...)

On Wed, Jun 07, Ethan Benson wrote:

> On Wed, Jun 07, 2000 at 03:35:17PM +0200, Olaf Hering wrote:
> > 
> > I can't solve that /proc /kern thing, its a topic for l-k.
> more like a flamewar... ;-)
> [snip]
> > The support database is nearly empty, for the outside world. I have some
> > entries in german, these will be translated and be available next week.
> i have already helped a couple people convert there suseboot setups to
> Apple_Bootstrap because they kept having problems with it becoming
> unbootable, why? because MacOS removes the blessing.  I am sorry Olaf
> but this problem is REAL and you WILL see it.  (i have about 5 years
> of experience with dealing with fake system folders and macos's
> incessent need to wreck them)

I will update the suseboot.hqx the next days.
For short.:

Copy it to a HFS Partition, it should be a active Systemfolder. If not,
open it, move the Finder to the Desktop, close the folder window, drop
the Finder on the folder icon. The Finder ist only be there to fool
MacOS. It is never be used. You can use hattrib -b to bless a folder.

And please: Don't make it unmaintainable with the Apple_Bootstrap type.
Appfle_HFS is the correct type.

Check the filetypes, The Finder is the magic:

fig:~ # hls -l :suseboot
f  APPC/BooX     70832     65798 May 17 21:11 BootX App
f  pref/BooX      1710         0 May 17 21:52 BootX Settings
f  FNDR/MACS       286         0 Sep 14  1999 Finder
f  tbxi/chrp       332       827 Jun  4 10:26 os-chooser
f  Gzip/Gzip         0   1259186 May 30 22:16 ramdisk.image.gz
f  zsys/MACS     92415         0 May 18 00:54 System
d          5 items               May 31 16:11 tools
f  ????/????         0   2821572 May 30 03:24 vmlinux
f  BINA/UNIX         0     54232 May 30 04:23 yaboot
f  TEXT/R*ch         0       718 Jun  2 00:12 yaboot.conf

A guy in our support center was unable to use os-chooser yesterday. I
don't know if the suseboot folder was blessed. After a reboot everything
works fine. 

Gruss Olaf

 $ man clone

       Main feature not yet implemented...

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