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Re: Why yaboot is NOT for oldworld macs, Oldworld owners please read! (was Re: StarMax and yaboot...)

On Tue, Jun 06, 2000 at 11:42:56AM -0400, Adam C Powell IV wrote:

> > Usage: nvsetenv variable value
> Cool.  I'll try this a bit later, and contribute to the docs on this if I get a
> chance.  Maybe even an ncurses front-end matching Boot Variables' functions, or
> debconf for quik?  Other ideas?  (To make it user-friendly.)

well ideally if there were a way to match /dev/ nodes with OF device
paths quik could be modifed to set the boot-device as a part of its
installation procedure (with an option in quik.conf to disable of
course)  i want to do this with ybin, but in addition to the node ->
OF path problem nvsetenv does not work on newworld
machines. fortunatly you don't need to set the boot-device at all on
newworlds if you use IDE disks (the defaults will do just fine)

> What about /proc/device-tree, which is copied from OF on boot? (I think that's the
> name, I'm not at my home machine now.)

its there, but that only gives us the OF device tree, we still have no
idea what /proc/device-tree/foo/bar is in /dev.  

SuSE wrote an extremely obfuscated shell script to try and figure this
out, but when i tested it on my blue G3 it always comes up with
incorrect OF paths.  I am certian this is because they are making hard
coded assumptions about too many things.  (which there is no way
around currently, that is not a good enough solution for an automated
system) all we could do at this point is guess, and i think guessing
and coming up with the wrong answer most of the time is less helpful
then just making the user figure it out themself. 

Ethan Benson

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