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Re: booting on blizzard/apus kernel ...

> i finally found the bug in the kernel that caused problems
> while booting linux on my amiga blizzard/apus board.

Yeah, read it on linux-m68k; great!

> i just wanted to report that the mingetty problem we noticed
> in oldenburgare no more with this 2.1.120 based (cross
> compiled:) kernel. So i think this problem was 2.1.90
> specific (or perhaps just my flavor of it.) I think
> debian/slink should work without major problem on
> apus/systems now, altough i haven't tested anything fully
> yet.

Yup, notice this also. I use also now the 'normal' getty.

> the tarball i am using is still the first Hartmut released,
> what progress was made since oldenburg (almost a month has
> passed since), and is there something particular i can work
> on now ...

I build a new tarball and it isn't the last one. 



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