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Re: PowerPC Base Files

> >> appear to be disk images(?) Is this correct? If so is it just the
> >> "base2_1.tgz." file segmented? If not, are these
> >installer
> >> images? How would one go about writing these to disk. I haven't
> >DLed them
> >> yet, so sorry if this is self explanitory once they are DLed, but
> >I didn't
> >> want to waste the bandwidth if unnessasary.
> >
> >They're for the use of the (not yet created) installer.  You only
> >need
> >the large one.
> Is it possible to bootstrap into Debian by 
> installing (from MkLinux, for example) onto
> a blank partition (say, by untarring a tar
> file)?

Direkt bootstrapping isn't possible (for hd). Untaring to harddisk and starting
is not possible, because the /etc/fstab doesn't exist and also for e.p. quik
doesn't know from where it should boot.

This is different to floppy or ramdisk, we know then where it is. 

Bootstrapping from another os then linux (for powerpc) is also possible,
but i don't know enough for this (yet).



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