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Re: PowerPC Base Files

In message <19981018015125.A10878@et-inf.fho-emden.de>, Hartmut Koptein writes:

>> Is it possible to bootstrap into Debian by 
>> installing (from MkLinux, for example) onto
>> a blank partition (say, by untarring a tar
>> file)?

>Direkt bootstrapping isn't possible (for hd). Untaring to harddisk and startin
>is not possible, because the /etc/fstab doesn't exist and also for e.p. quik
>doesn't know from where it should boot.

Once I get it untar'd onto the partition, I can create an /etc/fstab
using an editor from mklinux. Then I should be able to use bootx to
find the kernel, right?

(There is a kernel in the base set, right?)

>This is different to floppy or ramdisk, we know then where it is. 
>Bootstrapping from another os then linux (for powerpc) is also possible,
>but i don't know enough for this (yet).

What I'm thinking of is starting from MkLinux and using it to put debian
on another partition.


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