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[Popcon-developers] [PATCH] Report Alpha subarchitectures [Popcon-developers] Bug#229237: marked as done (popularity-contest: doesn't report kernel usage) [Popcon-developers] Bug#386879: marked as done (popularity-contest - default method needs perl-modules) [Popcon-developers] Bug#386879: popularity-contest - default method needs perl-modules [Popcon-developers] Bug#387635: marked as done (popularity-contest: [INTL:he] Updated po-debconf Hebrew translation) [Popcon-developers] Bug#389098: marked as done (popularity-contest: [INTL:pt_BR] Please use the attached updated pt_BR debconf template translation) [Popcon-developers] Bug#389708: marked as done ([l10n] hr.po) [Popcon-developers] Bug#390611: marked as done (popularity-contest: [INTL:da] Updated debconf translation) [Popcon-developers] Bug#390611: popularity-contest: [INTL:da] Updated debconf translation [Popcon-developers] Bug#390738: marked as done (popularity-contest: [INTL:uk] Updated Ukrainian debconf templates translation) [Popcon-developers] Bug#390738: popularity-contest: [INTL:uk] Updated Ukrainian debconf templates translation [Popcon-developers] Bug#390746: [INTL:hu] Hungarian popularity-contest templates translation [Popcon-developers] Bug#390746: marked as done ([INTL:hu] Hungarian popularity-contest templates translation) [Popcon-developers] Bug#390804: marked as done (translation update (macedonian) for package popularity-contest 1.35) [Popcon-developers] Bug#390804: translation update (macedonian) for package popularity-contest 1.35 [Popcon-developers] Bug#390970: marked as done (popularity-contest: [INTL:et] Estonian debconf translation) [Popcon-developers] Bug#390970: popularity-contest: [INTL:et] Estonian debconf translation [Popcon-developers] Bug#392151: [INTL:wo] Wolof popularity-contest templates translation [Popcon-developers] Bug#392151: marked as done ([INTL:wo] Wolof popularity-contest templates translation) [Popcon-developers] Bug#393444: marked as done (popularity-contest: [INTL:gu] Gujarati (gu) translation updates) [Popcon-developers] Bug#393444: popularity-contest: [INTL:gu] Gujarati (gu) translation updates [Popcon-developers] Bug#394699: Albanian translation update of popularity-contest [Popcon-developers] Bug#394699: marked as done (Albanian translation update of popularity-contest) [Popcon-developers] Bug#395926: Please break down package popularity by architecture [Popcon-developers] Bug#396367: [INTL:bs] Bosnian translation update [Popcon-developers] call to dh_installmenu [Popcon-developers] Frozen popcon? [Popcon-developers] l10n upload? [Popcon-developers] maybe a proper fix for #229237 [Popcon-developers] Per-country results [Popcon-developers] popcon-submit.cgi regexp [Popcon-developers] popularity-contest 1.36 MIGRATED to testing [Popcon-developers] popularity-contest_1.35_i386.changes ACCEPTED [Popcon-developers] popularity-contest_1.36_i386.changes ACCEPTED [Popcon-developers] popularity-contest_1.37_i386.changes ACCEPTED [Popcon-developers] popularity-contest_1.38_i386.changes ACCEPTED [Popcon-developers] Processed: . [Popcon-developers] Processed: Re: Bug#390611: popularity-contest: [INTL:da] Updated debconf translation [Popcon-developers] Processed: Re: Bug#396367: [INTL:bs] Bosnian translation update [Popcon-developers] Processed: Re: popularity-contest - default method needs perl-modules [Popcon-developers] Processed: tagging 390738 [Popcon-developers] Processed: tagging 390746 [Popcon-developers] Processed: tagging 390804 [Popcon-developers] Processed: tagging 393444 [Popcon-developers] Processed: tagging 394699 [Popcon-developers] Processed: updating and synchronizing my bug submitter addresses [Popcon-developers] Processing of popularity-contest_1.35_i386.changes [Popcon-developers] Processing of popularity-contest_1.36_i386.changes [Popcon-developers] Processing of popularity-contest_1.37_i386.changes [Popcon-developers] Processing of popularity-contest_1.38_i386.changes [Popcon-developers] Re: [PATCH] Report Alpha subarchitectures [Popcon-developers] Re: Frozen popcon? [Popcon-developers] Re: SUBMITURL to SUBMITURLS change break privacy [Popcon-developers] Re: Ubuntu eMail Address [Popcon-developers] SUBMITURL to SUBMITURLS change break privacy [Popcon-developers] typo in package description [Popcon-developers] Ubuntu eMail Address The last update was on 13:36 GMT Sat Jun 08. There are 80 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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