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[Popcon-developers] [PATCH] Report Alpha subarchitectures

[Falk Hueffner]
> once again, here's the Alpha subarch patch. Since the release is
> coming closer, and this information is needed to decide what to
> support for etch+1, I would be really grateful if somebody could
> either apply it, or tell me exactly what is wrong with it.

As I said in #238687, I would rather leave the subarch detection and
reporting code to some other package, and use the information provided
by this package when reporting the subarch in popcon.

I have nothing against reporting subarch, but do not believe popcon is
the correct package to maintain the subarch names.

In addition to alpha, I know the powerpc people want subarch info
reported, and expect the arm people to submit a similar request.

If you want subarch reporting in popcon, please provide something
similar to 'dpkg --print-installation-subarchitecture' for us to use
instead of adding code in popcon to detect and report subarch.

I know d-i have some code to report a subarch string, and suspect it
is a good idea for popcon to use the same code.  You mentioned on IRC
that there are different requirements for d-i and popcon, and that
might be so.  But if there are different set of subarchs string
floating around, I definitely do not want to select one of them in
popcon.  I would rather leave that to some other package, and use that
package to extract the subarch string.

Petter Reinholdtsen

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