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[Popcon-developers] typo in package description

[Bill Allombert]
> I plan to upload popcon 1.36 soon now.

Good.  The changes do not seem very intrusive, so I suspect it should
not trigger any new bug reports.  The code removals seem to have
medium risk, but if it work in a simple test, I expect it to keep
working for others as well. :)

I must admit, I am torn between the wish to wait to let 1.35 enter
etch in case etch freezes 2006-10-18 as previously announced, and the
wish to uploading the new 1.36 right now with improvements and more
translations and hope the freeze happen a few days later.  What is
your opinion on this?

An alternative is of course to upload with medium or high priority,
but I suspect none of the changes can be obviously used to justify it.
But even that might be risky, when I see the strange behaviour of some
of my recently uploaded packages (like debian-edu-install is both in
unstable and incoming - no idea how that happened).

Petter Reinholdtsen

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