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[Popcon-developers] [PATCH] Report Alpha subarchitectures

Petter Reinholdtsen <pere@hungry.com> writes:

> [Falk Hueffner]
>> once again, here's the Alpha subarch patch. Since the release is
>> coming closer, and this information is needed to decide what to
>> support for etch+1, I would be really grateful if somebody could
>> either apply it, or tell me exactly what is wrong with it.
> As I said in #238687, I would rather leave the subarch detection and
> reporting code to some other package, and use the information provided
> by this package when reporting the subarch in popcon.

I disagree for the same reasons I mentioned in #238687, namely:

* There is currently no such package.

* It is not obvious that a general "subarch-providing" package is
  sensible, since the set of subarchitectures that needs to be
  differentiated depends on the task at hand (kernel, gcc, installer,
  ...). d-i currently does not have the required functionality for
  Alpha. I also don't know whether what is provided by d-i for other
  architectures is what people are really interested in.

* It would induce a huge amount of effort (creating a new package,
  dragging in libdebian-installer or similar as dependency, ...) for
  saving 5 lines of code.

* We should not randomly collect data from our users unless we have a
  real reason to. 

But if there's really firm consensus that this information absolutely
has to come from d-i, I might look into that. Maybe somebody else can


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