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[PATCH 1/2] Update .gitignore for debhelper switch [PATCH 2/2] Use newish dpkg-parsechangelog -S option instead of grep and cut Re: [policy] 02/02: Clean up upgrading-checklist, bump version number Re: Active policy editor Active policy editor (was: Re: DebCamp sprint?) Bug#175064: DocBook XML conversion is read with this script Bug#175064: marked as done (Debian policy documents should use DocBook XML in UTF-8) Bug#181123: marked as done (Regulate init script behavior in unusual cases) Bug#208010: marked as done (Require init.d scripts comply with LSB) Bug#568374: marked as done (debian-policy: section "8.4 Development files" not explicit enough regarding libraryname[soversion]-dev) Bug#613946: marked as done (Debian policy should use DocBook XML for source) Bug#649530: Why you have not reply to my email which I send to you, check you email and reply to me Bug#688220: marked as done (dpkg-query --control-path will be deprecated.) Bug#698012: marked as done (debian-policy: Please update 10.6 "Device files" for udev and the like) Bug#700532: marked as done (Fonts in footnote #6 of PS/PDF awry) Bug#708566: marked as done (library -dev naming policy encourages unnecessary transitions) Bug#734662: marked as done (Please add an example of arch-specific dependency with more than one architecture) Bug#746514: marked as done (Autoreconf during build) Bug#759186: marked as done (debian-policy: please consider adding "nodoc" as a possible value for DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS to policy) Bug#759492: File conflicts between /bin and /usr/bin Bug#759492: marked as done (File conflicts between /bin and /usr/bin) Bug#768117: marked as done (debian-policy: WSGI API must distinguish between Python 2 and 3) Bug#768292: marked as done (Include MPL 1.1 and MPL 2.0 in common-licenses) Bug#781654: marked as done (copyright-format: "IBM CPL" -> "CPL" in license short names table) Bug#792853: marked as done (debian-policy: please disallow colons in upstream_version) Bug#793493: marked as done (debian-policy: Update dpkg-architecture flags information) Bug#793999: marked as done (debian-policy: description of binary* targets suggests that build-{arch,indep} are optional) Bug#794902: marked as done (debian-policy: obsolete footnote about liblockfile1 dependency) Bug#798309: marked as done (debian-policy: Adjustments to perl policy for multi-arch) Bug#809382: marked as done (add Table of Contents or some way to get at anchors) Bug#816249: marked as done (debian-policy: C.2.4 does not reflect current practises) Bug#816515: marked as done (Disallow (< ...) and (> ...) package relations) Bug#819660: marked as done (explicitly allow building automatic debug symbols packages not listed in control) Bug#820197: marked as done (spelling correction (git) diff to debian-policy ( Bug#821365: marked as done (debian-policy: Clarify which characters constitute the syntax of control files) Bug#821859: marked as done (debian-policy: New virtual package ‘adventure’) Bug#822059: marked as done (Wrong date in upgrading-checklist) Bug#823348: marked as done (Limit the strongest dependencies on supplemental -doc packages) Bug#823910: marked as done (debian-policy: document Build-Depends-Arch/Build-Conflicts-Arch and when it's safe to use them) Bug#824922: marked as done (debian-policy: d/copyright examples give dep5-copyright-license-name-not-unique lintian warning) Bug#829367: marked as done (Please add virtual-mysql-* packages to the official list of virtual packages) Bug#830989: marked as done (debian-policy: Typos "the the" in "4.4 Debian changelog: debian/changelog" and " The symbols File Format") Bug#833177: marked as done ( Remove /etc/init.d/<package>) Bug#835490: marked as done (debian-policy: remove references to upstart) Bug#835876: marked as done (debian-policy: please suggest dbus-run-session to run tests) Bug#841877: marked as done (Don't recommend contacting base-passwd maintainer for dynamic UIDs) Bug#844431: Packages should be reproducible Bug#844431: policy: packages should be reproducible Bug#845255: debian-policy: Include best practices for packaging database applications Bug#849483: marked as done (debian-policy: emacs build dependencies probably need adjustment) Bug#850646: marked as done ([copyright-format] Allow https version of Format URI) Bug#851708: marked as done (debian-policy: Add try-restart action for init script) Bug#852314: marked as done (stable release of debian now supports /run) Bug#852542: marked as done (Running initscripts: invoke-rc.d is now in an essential package) Bug#863729: debian-policy: please use the cgit link in Vcs-Browser Bug#863729: marked as done (debian-policy: please use the cgit link in Vcs-Browser) Re: DebCamp sprint? Debian Policy Debian Policy and Publican debian-policy_4.0.0.0_source.changes ACCEPTED into experimental FYI: Adding BSD license to the debconf specification FYI: Update to GPL notices FYI: Updates to copyright and author notices New Stack article on packaging Processing of debian-policy_4.0.0.0_source.changes Using dh for debian-policy packaging The last update was on 11:04 GMT Thu Jun 06. There are 117 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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