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Re: Processed: should have been reassigned not closed (or bugs I agree with)

>>"Anthony" == Anthony Towns <aj@azure.humbug.org.au> writes:

 Anthony> Is there any way we could make it possible to second by
 Anthony> Cc'ing a GPG signed mail to 12345-second@bugs.debian.org?
 Anthony> (And probably 12345-nosecond@b.d.o, too, to remove a second)

 Anthony> Probably, this could be done by redirecting *-second@b.d.o
 Anthony> away from debbugs and into something similar to the voting
 Anthony> system, that checks a signature and keeps track of seconds
 Anthony> in a convenient file somewhere. It'd also want to send a cc
 Anthony> of the message to 12345@b.d.o to make sure the message is
 Anthony> saved and sent to debian-policy too.

        Similar mechanisms may be used to create a proposal as well
 -mail to 12345-proposed@bugs.debian.org can make the severity normal,
 retitle the bug, and send a message to 12345@b.d.o 

        I have the python script that is used on murphy, but I don't
 grok python.

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