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Re: Processed: should have been reassigned not closed (or bugs I agree with)

On 21-Mar-00, 17:18 (CST), Debian Bug Tracking System <owner@bugs.debian.org> wrote: 
[Ian Jackson unilaterally overrules the entire policy group]

Ian, this is completely unacceptable. Most of these proposals were
closed [REJECTED] because they failed to attract sufficient support in
the policy group, according to the system proposed by Manoj Srivasta
and accepted by the participants in the policy group (aka everybody in
Debian who cares to read debian-policy and participate.)

Now, after a year (6 months? whatever) of silence, you come in and
arbitrarily pick things you approve of and decide that they should be
policy. If you approved, why didn't you help promote them at the time?

This is becoming a pattern. You disappear for 6 months, then come back
and stomp around with big pronouncements about all the things being done
wrong, what we should do better, and then disappear again. If you want
to participate, participate. If you don't have the desire, or time,
that's fine too, but then you have to live with things not always going
the way you want. 

I happen to think your participation would be incredibly valuable,
far more than mine. The contributions you have made to Debian are
remarkable; I've been using Debian long enough to remember when you
wrote dpkg: it was a *huge* leap in the state of the art at the time.

But you also originated the Debian Constitution, precisely to limit the
power of individuals over Debian, and to allow for different mechanisms
to manipulate policy. We tried the "policy czar", and that didn't work
(or rather it worked, but it burned people out). So now we have policy
by discussion and agreement, and it seems to work, because Manoj and a
bunch of other smart people spend time and effort to make it work. For
you to come back and overrule them is unfair and rude.

If there are policy proposals that you think need to be re-examined,
then you should re-make them, stating your arguments, and let the
process work. You're probably right. Most people around here respect
your technical skills and opinions (I do!), and will at least read with
an open mind.

Steve Greenland

Steve Greenland <vmole@swbell.net>
(Please do not CC me on mail sent to this list; I subscribe to and read
every list I post to.)

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