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Bug#60979: What /etc/init.d/xxx restart does?

>>"Radim" == Radim Kolar <hsn@cybermail.net> writes:

 Radim> In section 3.3.2. is not clear what 'restart' does.

 Radim> 1. restart=stop and start
 Radim> or
 Radim> 2. if service is running, stop it and start it, when is not
 Radim> running, do not start it.

        My empirical observation seems that most packages do the
 former. Indeeed, I am not aware of anypackage using the second

 Radim> Better is to define new standard as found in some packages:
 Radim> restart=method 2
 Radim> force-restart=method 1

        That may violate the principle of least surprise. I would find
 it strange if restart didn't start the service. 

 Radim> This helps system administrators to writing their crontabs scripts,
 Radim> which needs to restart the service without check if service is
 Radim> really running. When service was stopped by
 Radim> sysadmin (for example for saving system resources) is not good
 Radim> idea to restart it by cron's daily scripts.

        Indeed, that is one situation where you do not want to the
 service to be started. However, I have fallen into the practice of
 using a restart as having an invariant that the service would be up
 after the call, whether it was running or not before. Most of the
 cases when I the service was not running was due to some failure, and
 not be design.  There are a lot of scripts that may need to be

        I do agree that these two behaviours are valid, and are
 required in some situations. What I do not have a handle on yet is
 which is the more common case, and thus which should be the default

        Either we needd restart+force-restart, or we need a


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