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Re: patch management with git

Stéphane Glondu <steph@glondu.net> writes:

> Rémi Vanicat a écrit :
>> When using rebase, one lose the history of the patch. One important
>> role of our VCS is to save this history, so i prefer to not use rebase
>> like that.
> I beg to differ. Could you elaborate on this? IMHO, using rebase is
> the cleanest way I've seen so far to maintain patches and their
> history, in the sense that upstream could just import directly these
> patches (with their history) into their repos.

Of course it does. I'm speaking about the history of the patch. If
there is a different in a patch between the debian package 4.0.0-5 and
4.0.0-6 and I want to see in the git history of the debian package
why and how. Using rebase -i just generate a new patch, with no
history for the patch itself. 

>> Another reason to not use rebase, is that in a shared repository
>> rebasing make cooperation and synchronization more difficult than it
>> have to be.
> More than using dpatch/quilt independently of the VCS?

Probably not, not sure

Rémi Vanicat

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