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Re: [Pkg-ocaml-maint-commits] [SCM] OCaml packaging branch, master, updated. debian/3.10.2-3-7-gfef0417

Julien Cristau a écrit :
The following commit has been merged in the master branch:
commit c8bdd9e0fc12634749a2d0c7c5f678c49f7747dc
Author: Stephane Glondu <steph@glondu.net>
Date:   Tue Jul 8 13:56:53 2008 +0200

    Copy config.{sub,guess} in pre-config phase instead of clean


Because in clean, it causes git-buildpackage/debclean sequence to diverge from the git tree. Another reason would be because it is somehow an unannounced (i.e. not in debian/patches) patch to upstream sources.

There is still a similar issue with emacs/ocamltags.in which is modified in install.

This tackles the issue of patches: we should agree on a way of handling them inside git repository. I haven't looked at them in detail, but they seem minor, so I suggest to drop the dpatch series (at least from the git repository) and put it in a branch, let's say upstream+patches.

The problem then is how we build the source package: if we just use git-buildpackage, with the master/upstream/pristine-tar scheme, all the patches will be merged and flattened in the .diff.gz. The details of the patch series would then be available through the git repos via:

  git format-patch upstream..upstream+patch

...and maybe automatically translated (at build time) to some patch system that dpkg supports (BTW, are there existing tools for this?).



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