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patch management with git

On Tue, Jul 08, 2008 at 09:47:04PM +0200, Stéphane Glondu wrote:
> This tackles the issue of patches: we should agree on a way of handling  
> them inside git repository. I haven't looked at them in detail, but they  

Ack, we need an agreement on this.

I have no idea if there is already a best practice in Debian about that,
IMO it is worth asking both on -devel and in the mailing list of
vcs-pkg. In the meantime maybe Julien can give us a hint on how they are
doing that with the X.org packages ...?

Personally, I love having a branch where I can plain directly with the
patched code, as it is an all win: code is ready to read / work on,
patches are stored as feature branches. I usually call it plainly
"master", but it can well be upstream+patches, I've seen him in other
packages. Question though: in that cases what is master being used for?

> The problem then is how we build the source package: if we just use  
> git-buildpackage, with the master/upstream/pristine-tar scheme, all the  

Indeed the next question is: what to do for the Debian source package?

(1) The OCaml related packages I'm already maintaining in git have all
the diff to upstream source core as part as .diff.gz. This means that
only having a source package one has no longer the logical distinction
between patches, nor they description. For something as informative the
user should checkout the git repo (and know how to do that!).

(2) The alternative is generate automatically quilt (or whatever)
patches out of git branches. I've no idea whether there is a best
practice on this yet, though it sounds like something that sooner or
later should be discussed, especially now that git is becoming more and
more popular in Debian (see: http://upsilon.cc/~zack/stuff/vcs-usage/).

What can I do is ping the vcs-pkg people (I'm following the mailing
list), asking for insights ...


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