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Re: patch management with git

2008/7/9 Sylvain Le Gall <gildor@debian.org>:

> I am probably a bit old school, but i really like having only debian/ in
> .diff.gz.
> Having patches in quilt/dpatch/'whatever you want' but in debian/patches
> is a good practice to me. IMHO, it helps send these patches to upstream

Topic branch with git solve this very same problem, one can easily
extract the path with

git diff topic-branch upstream

> Having the same patches only in .diff.gz is a way to forget them and i
> think git integration will help to forget.

I also believe that topic branch can serve this role: one have only to
look at what topic branch exist to remember what patch are needed for

I believe the argument for only debian/patches in .diff.gz is not for
us internally, but for security.and others that might want to help us
sending a patch or something: they do have some logical information on
the modification we have done on upstream code, that they won't have
without using our git repository in the fat .diff.gz configuration.

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