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Re: zoggy package ?

georges mariano <georges.mariano@inrets.fr> writes:

> There is no problem with your offer (thanks!) but I suppose
> that "we" expected that _you_ choose the package(s) that fit
> your needs/skills/...

> If it can helps you making your choice take a look at :
> http://www3.inrets.fr/estas/mariano/MyDebian/OCamlDebian/

  Nice page. Thanks.

> see also (except camlidl)
> http://www3.inrets.fr/estas/mariano/MyDebian/Packages/Available
> (when I say "available", I mean for "adoption par someone" ;-)

  Why don't you want to maintain them since you made them
  yourself? We can sponsor you.

Jérôme Marant <jerome.marant@free.fr>


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