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Re: Search Debian New Maintainers

On Sat, Aug 23, 2008 at 06:38:16PM -0300, Litia Maga wrote:

> Important to say that, so far, I couldn´t find any material or
> research about the motivations that leads someone to become a Debian
> Developer so I decided to try and figure out this aspect from Debian
> Developers.

A quick google search for "motivation free software" gave me this:
http://freesoftware.mit.edu/papers/lakhaniwolf.pdf that can provide a
better base of categories to use in a quantitative survey.  But that
would only be useful if you wanted to compare the distribution of
motivations in Debian and another project: if you want to find out what
motivates Debian developers, then you probably are better off with a
purely open question, and analise it qualitatively.

You may also want to browse through http://flossproject.org/papers.htm
where there are papers that analyse, among other things, motivation.
For example, the "Who is behind open source?" presentation at
http://flossproject.org/papers/20060614/RishabGHOSH-gartner2.pdf gives
another list of motivations. There is more work of that kind in that
list, like http://flossproject.org/papers/ghosh-2005.pdf

This is just off a quick search: I can find you more if you wish, but it
may take you beyond the original scope of your research.



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