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Re: Search Debian New Maintainers

Hi Keila,

The terminology in your questionnaire appears to be somewhat confused.  The
New Maintainer process is the process by which people become Debian
Developers with full voting and upload rights in the Debian project.  In
contrast, a "Debian Maintainer" has limited upload rights and no voting

>From context, I think you're asking about new Debian Developers, perhaps you
can confirm this?

Also, all Debian developers were new at one point; are you looking for
responses from developers who joined within a certain time period?

On Wed, Aug 20, 2008 at 01:01:42PM -0300, Litia Maga wrote:
> Question 3: Why did you decided to be a Debian Maintainer?
> (   ) Because I like the project ideals
> (   ) To improve my professional career
> (   ) I like challenges
> (   ) Because It's fun
> (   ) Because I hate Microsoft Windows

Hmm, frankly I think it's insulting to even see such an option in this list.
(Also, I'm not sure what multiple choice answers to this are really going to
tell you...)

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