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Re: Search Debian New Maintainers

On Thu, Aug 21, 2008 at 08:55:38PM -0300, Litia Maga wrote:

> > > Question 3: Why did you decided to be a Debian Maintainer?
> > > (   ) Because I like the project ideals
> > > (   ) To improve my professional career
> > > (   ) I like challenges
> > > (   ) Because It's fun
> > > (   ) Because I hate Microsoft Windows
> > > (   ) Other (please specify):

> About the question 3, I apologise if you felt insulted. It really
> wasn´t my intention. Fell free to ignore the question if you want. But
> it´s important to say that this question will help me to determine
> what drives someone to become a Debian Developer even through such
> hard process as the New Maintainer Process.

I am also interested in that question, but for different reasons: what
is the source of those 5 example motivations?  Is there some existing
literature that shows that those are the most frequently found
motivations for free software contributions?  In that case, I would be
interested in reading it, so I would be grateful if you could give me a

There has already been a vast amount of research on Free Software, and I
wish to start seeing some research that builds on other people's
results, instead of continuously reinventing the wheel.

If however those are just 5 categories that you improvised (I hope this
isn't the case, but IF this is the case), how do you plan to analyse the
data to make sure that the results are representative of the actual
motivations of the sample surveyed rather than just a confirmation or
disconfirmation of your own stereotypes?



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