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Search Debian New Maintainers

Hi everybody,

First I´d like to congratulate all Debian New Maintainers for such
achievement. Its always a good feeling to reach our life goals.
Second, I am here asking for help to conclude a research about 'How to
become a Debian New Maintainer'. This research will be used in an
essay to finish my pos-graduate course. So, to do that, I am sending a
questionnaire to this mailing list <debian-newmaint@lists.debian.org>
and kindly asking for all Debian New Maintainers, who can answer it,
to do it.

By the way, my name Keila M. Barbosa, I´m from Brazil and studying in
an university called "Instituto Fátima". For those who don´t know it,
I am sending the "Instituto Fátima" web site address

The questionnaire has only 8 questions and most of then are multiple
choice type. It´s not necessary to identify yourself and all answers
will be put together for further analysis.

Specific Instructions

In a multiple choice question type, choose only 1 alternative to
answer it. In this type of question, just put an 'X' alongside your

After finish it, please send your answers to this list
<debian-newmaint@lists.debian.org> or to <litiamaga@gmail.com>

Question 1: What is your gender?
(   ) Male
(   ) Female

Question 2: How old are you?

Question 3: Why did you decided to be a Debian Maintainer?
(   ) Because I like the project ideals
(   ) To improve my professional career
(   ) I like challenges
(   ) Because It's fun
(   ) Because I hate Microsoft Windows
(   ) Other (please specify):

Question 4: How much time did you spend to be approved in all steps of
the process to become a Debian New Maintainer?
(   ) Less than 6 months
(   ) Between 6 and 12 months
(   ) Between 12 and 24 months
(   ) More than 24 months

Question 5: Which step is the hardest?
(   ) Application and Advocation
(   ) Identification
(   ) Philosophy and Procedures
(   ) Tasks and Skills
(   ) Application Manager Recommends applicant

Question 6: How many hours per day do you spend working as a
volunteer Debian Maintainer?
(   ) Less than 2 hours
(   ) Between 2 and 4 hours
(   ) Between 4 and 6 hours
(   ) More than 6 hours

Question7: What Debian´s project main area do you work?
(   ) Maintain packages
(   ) Create and/or review translations
(   ) Create or improve documentation
(   ) Help maintain the website
(   ) Help with handling bugs
(   ) Be an active member of a packaging team
(   ) Be an active member of a subproject (e.g. debian-installer or

Question 8: What recomendations do you give for everyone who wants to
become a Debian New Maintainer?

I thank you all in advance!

Best Wishes,

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