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Re: MIPS64EL port box is ready for use


>>>>> "Graham" == Graham Whaley <graham.whaley@gmail.com> writes:

> What we need to consider here is also board price and availability. We
> can buy 2f mini-PCs, relatively cheap and easily. If they satisfy a
> need then they may be (a mid-term/interim) solution to shortage of
> hardware right now. If I find we can source the 3A DDR3 motherboards
> easily them yippee, but right now that is less clear than sourcing the
> 2F mini-PC's.

somewhat related information: just found out that there is (seems to be)
a Loongson 3A based mini-PC:


Price point seems to be RMB 3999, if I understand this shop's page


Not sure how stable/usable that hardware would be, tough.  I currently
consider getting one to replace my 2f mini-PC.  It may only come with a
single-core version of the 3A (description says LoongSon2G/3A, not sure
what that means).


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