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Re: MIPS64EL port box is ready for use (Was: mips64el port build failed list)

On 25 October 2013 17:22, YunQiang Su <wzssyqa@gmail.com> wrote:
After more than half of a year's hard work, we have the mips64el port
almost done.
Now we have more than 7600 packages build successfully.
The current build status can be found in http://vip.moonux.org/attempted/

Hey! - well done. That's quite some effort!

Now I get a new board and give it 18GiB DDR3 memory and 1TB hardisk.
Most important is that it is running a Debian Unstable, MIPS64EL.

Nice. Can I ask which board that is? I have some boards reserved for me in Loongson that I am highly likely to purchase, and suspect (but would like to confirm) that they are the same board that you are using. I will also check on any further availability. If I can I will donate one/some of these for Debian as well.

Anyone has need to port package(s) can apply a account.
Please post me your ssh public key signed by a trust-able PGP key.

I also working on make a rootfs to make it easy to install this port.

Here we still have 2 problems:
   1. I believe that it is time of use to talk about how to make this
port to debian-ports.org.
        Anyone can help us?
One of the issues will be hardware availability. If I can source the above boards (which it looks like I can), then I can help with that. Also, we are trying out the Loongson 2F mini-PC's, expanding their RAM to their maximum (which may only be 1Gbyte, but we hope 2Gbyte), and adding SSD's. If that works out then they are cheaper, available, and we can relatively easily build a small farm of those for (donated to) Debian I hope.
   2. Which ISA  to be used for this port when it is in debian-ports.
        Now we use mips64r2 with tune loongson3a.
        Should we downgrade ISA requirement to mips3 or mips64?

Much though I would love to say go with MIPS64R2, I suspect for the main debian-ports.org upload that is not the best single choice. The Loongson 2F cores are MIPSIII I believe, as are some other platforms. I have a suspicion that some of the Broadcom chips for instance are MIPS32R1.
I would suggest that we go with MIPSIII for the first mips64le upload, and then we can work on MIPS32R2 for the 'unofficial ports' to begin with. What do you think ?
Thanks for all of the people helped me to make this project be realized:
Eleanor Chen, Aron Xu,  Anthony Fok, Fuxin Zhang from Lemote and lots
of other people.

You have my thanks as well :-)
YunQiang Su


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