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Re: MIPS64EL port box is ready for use (Was: mips64el port build failed list)

On 29 October 2013 13:40, Aron Xu <happyaron.xu@gmail.com> wrote:

What we are running isn't any of them, and the 2-way server board
looks promising.

Thanks both. OK, so I've no details from Loongson about the boards they have for me yet either - I suspect it may be the same as your board.

What we need to consider here is also board price and availability. We can buy 2f mini-PCs, relatively cheap and easily. If they satisfy a need then they may be (a mid-term/interim) solution to shortage of hardware right now. If I find we can source the 3A DDR3 motherboards easily them yippee, but right now that is less clear than sourcing the 2F mini-PC's.

I don't know if IPMI is available, but there is certain kind of PCI
device that can help with remotely power on/off the machine controlled
by SMS. I'm curious if DSA think IPMI is mandatory for buildd and

I think DSA would like to make it a requirement for the future, but they are pragmatic, and right now many boxes (not just MIPS) do not have good remote power/reset control. There are external boxes that can do this though, and we are investigating them already for internal use, and I'll share any useful findings.
Aron Xu

 thanks guys - I'll keep you posted with my progress as well.


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